configure script in jungerl

Matthew D Swank akopa@REDACTED
Thu Sep 8 18:07:23 CEST 2005

Bengt Kleberg wrote:
>> Ulf Wiger wrote:
>>> When trying to build the jungerl code on my Libranet (Debian) distro,
>>> I encountered some autoheader errors.
> while my dislike of autotools make me an unsuitable person to discuss 
> their use, i still think i can contribute something here.
> imho it is an error to distribute a tarball that is missing the 
> configure script. the configure script should already have been 
> generated before the tarball is created and included in it.

Overall, across all the packages in the distribution, the build process 
has quite a few warts.  I run gentoo and i always have to tweak 
individual Makefiles even after I get autoconf to correctly generate 

This is not really a complaint per se: if there are problems and I can 
fix them I should feed the solutions back to the community. However, I 
am lazy and forgetful :)


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