How long does mnesia take to warm up?

Erik Reitsma (RY/ETM) erik.reitsma@REDACTED
Thu Sep 8 16:11:39 CEST 2005

What about (from the mnesia docs):

mnesia:wait_for_tables(TabList,Timeout) -> ok | {timeout, BadTabList} | {error, Reason}

Some applications need to wait for certain tables to be accessible in order to do useful work. mnesia:wait_for_tables/2 hangs until all tables in the TabList are accessible, or until timeout is reached. 


> Joe Armstrong wrote:
>    When I evaluate mnesia:start() it seems to take a little 
> time before mnesia is
> ready to do what I tell it - is this a bug? - do I really 
> have to busy-wait
> before it is ready?

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