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Hmm, maybe I'm not looking at the right pkgmk, but how do you specify dependencies? I mean, if I have a clean machine, getting yaws should also get erlang, so that casual users don't need to know what other packages might be needed. Or so I interpreted Joe's dream ;-)


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  I disagree. On Crux Linux, all the install process is a very simple shell script called pkgmk.

  You can use it (with minor changes or as it is) on Windows/Cygwin, Solaris, AIX or any Unix system.

  For Windows users without a shell, I'm really sorry. But there is a lot of automating tools you can use to achieve the same degree of simplicity.

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  >It's all nice with the different tools in the different Linux distros, but 
  >it is still a dream for everybody running Windows or the "wrong" Linux 
  >distro. (Solaris too, but I suppose not many run that in a 
  >non-externally-managed environment :-) 
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