Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Wed Nov 30 16:50:19 CET 2005

--- "Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB)"
<joe.armstrong@REDACTED> wrote:

> Comments:
> 	1) printing binaries <<"...">> properly has had a
> strange effect on my programming
> 	I now use them far more than I ever did before -
> this is because they get printed
> 	nicely - I think I was often using atoms just
> because I could see them when my
> 	program failed.

I think printing binaries in a string-like manner is
very handy. Please do introduce it, OTP.

> 	IMHO we need a character type - so we can
> distinguish $a from 97.

Richard O'Keefe's postings here on the topic of modern
character sets have made me realize this is not a
trivial issue, alas.

> 	A small number of well-chosen primitive on binaries
> would be very useful.


> 	Somebody else can tell the list what these should
> be - and how yecc and leex can make use of
> them :-)

My lex.erl in jungerl can already do lexing over
binaries (it works for the examples I have tried, at
least). Only 8-bit characters though. I haven't
measured how this compares to lexing over lists. The
"lex driver" can probably be optimized a bit in both


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