Attention Debian & Ubuntu users - Erlang 10.b.8-2 available!

François-Denis Gonthier neumann@REDACTED
Tue Nov 29 20:10:19 CET 2005

'lo again

I forgot to mention that the binary packages I've built are for i386 only.  I 
don't have access to any Outer Platforms.

Interrested people can still build the source package themselves, but once the 
package reach Debian, it'll be auto-builded for all other platforms.



On 28 November 2005 18:29, François-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> Hello erlang-questions,
> after quite a bit of struggling over the weekend, I finally managed to
> build version 2 of my improved Erlang packages for Debian & Ubuntu.
> You can get the packages at:
> or through apt by adding:
> deb unstable/
> deb-src unstable/
> to /etc/apt/sources.list
> and do:
> apt-get install -t . erlang, to upgrade from 10.b.7-1
> The package you will get are:
> erlang-mode, the emacs mode alone
> erlang-base, architecture dependent files
> erlang-base-hipe, HiPE enabled architecture dependent files
> erlang-nox, X11 independant applications
> erlang-x11, applications that uses GS and thus X11
> erlang-src, source files for the system (*.erl, *.hrl)
> If you want to install anew, you'll only have too choose between the
> mutually exclusive erlang-base and erlang-base-hipe and choose amongst the
> other package to suit your needs.  (You probably need erlang-nox at least).
> The Ubuntu-friendly packages are at:
> This is not a apt repository (yet),
> so please download and install version 2 manually through dpkg.
> I'll try to push this package through the main Debian archives ASAP.
> I'll try to see if I can package the Vim Erlang mode and ESense before
> christmas.  Both should be easy.
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