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Tue Nov 29 15:28:05 CET 2005

"Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB)" <joe.armstrong@REDACTED>
> 2) Is there an easy way to get line numbers right in transformed code?
>     I thought there was an annotation you could add to the source. 
>     Like this:
> 	-file("foo.ehe", 23)
> 	foo(A) ->
> 	   ...
>      To tell the compiler that foo(A) came from foo.ehe line 23.
>      This seems to be broken (there *is* code in epp.erl to do this and 
>      I *can* change the file name but *not* the line number). Is this 
>      a bug or a feature or have I misunderstood something?

The -file attribute has so far been used for implementing -include and
-include_lib only.

The changes necessary to make it work on "user level" have been made
in R11B to be. They are neither simple nor beautiful.

One of the first users of this new feature will be yecc.

Best regards
Hans Bolinder, Erlang/OTP

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