Compiler and PHP questions

Marc van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Tue Nov 29 13:44:58 CET 2005

>1) Does anybody have or is anybody working on a parser 
>for php written in erlang - please contact me
>    if this is the case.

I would love to know about this too, as I use PHP for my 
present day job. :)

BTW Perl 6 seems to get implemented in Haskell first:

> <h1>title</h1>
> <p>hello <? getDb "name") ?> how are you

Putting code fragments into HTML is not a good style for 
developing (larger) web applications.

This has to do with the typical team structure / division 
of labour for web teams:
- the web developers do the pure php/perl/.. script code
- the screen designers rule the template files
- the backend folks deliver methods to feed/query the 
backend databases

For php we use the smarty template engine.

A template is instantiated and fed with variable data by 
the web application.
The template file contains mainly html/css/javascript and 
has just extra support for conditional code activiation, 
data access (just to the provided variable data) and 
simple repetition control, all in a HTML like syntax.

A web developer delivers just a plain template file as 
result of his work, a template file that just renders the 
web page in minimal stylish fashion, with all access to 
the internal vars provided.

This is then fed to the screen designers who use their 
javascript and DHTML magic to pimp it up.


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