choice of gcc version for Erlang on ARM/XScale/PXA

Marthin Laubscher marthin@REDACTED
Tue Nov 29 13:23:52 CET 2005

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> Marthin Laubscher writes:
>  >
>  > The environment I used for compiling erlang for Gumstix PXA255) states
> gcc
>  > version 3.4.2. But I'm afraid I didn't put together the cross-compiling
>  > environment myself but inherited it from the gumstix provided buildroot
>  > environment, so I'm blissfully unaware of any patches applied. I'm new
> to
>  > both cross-compiling and building Erlang, but will try to answer your
>  > questions if you tell me where to look for what.
> That's OK, I already received a link to Gumstick's gcc-3.4.2 patch set.
> But you cross-compiled Erlang, right? Did you or did you not run the
> Erlang compiler on the gumstix to compile the Erlang library files?
> That's when things go wrong.

[Marthin Laubscher] 
It was all cross-compiled. I know erlc works on the gumstix itself, but I'm
pretty sure /lib/x/ebin/*.beam files were generated in the cross-compiling
environment. After fixing the float library problem, I didn't pick up any
other issues, but now I'm worried about what is going to still go wrong. Do
you think I should I leave the .beam files or try to get a version of GNU
make running on the gumstix and build them all there again. I've trimmed the
system to a minimum so making the .beam files will involve fiddling with the
makefiles again.

Are you working on gumstix or another ARM/XScale/PXA implementation? My
gumstix app needs good float performance so I a little worried about running
without fpu. I'd love to learn about equally small alternatives that do
include a fpu option.

> /Mikael

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