Regarding the inets HTTP client

Ingela Anderton ingela@REDACTED
Mon Nov 28 12:15:32 CET 2005

I was browsing the archives (currently I do not read erlang questions
on daily basis as I am on parental leave) when I came across some
comments about the inets HTTP client and problems with chunked
encoding. As there was no answer from my coworkers here is an answer.

The inets HTTP client is designed to handle chunked encoding. If this
is not working that is a bug and if that is the case of course it will
be fixed.

When it comes to the stability or maturity of the code I think it has
come a far way from the initial unsupported prototype that it is based
on, but it is not bug free. (On the other hand can you mention a
software program that is ;-)) Building extensive automated test suites
for the HTTP client is quite a lot of work and an ongoing activity.
So the code will mature further with time. It is as always a question
of time an priorities. In Ericsson the HTTP client has so far mainly
been used too test other software.

/Ingela - OTP team

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