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Hi Sanyana,

If I understand you correctly you try to avoid to run more than one
HTTP-server on a single server.

May I suggest that you take the following into consideration:

1. (This one your probably already know) You can configure inets to run
under a different port number so it doesn't clash with your Apache;
2. From your PHP pages you can submit (server side!) HTTP-requests to inets
(although it would be nice if Erlang had a fully working webservices module
available), to retrieve data from the mnesia database.  Your probably have
to write a EWSAPI module to handle some of your requests.

I'm running several HTTP-servers on a single server.  HTTP is nothing more
than a "interface protocol" and the server is nothing more as the remote
proxy to a process.

hope this helps a bit,



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  Hi .... Twan !!!

  1.) I have PHP pages already running on Apache
  2.) Also I have a inets (HTTP Server) httpd which replies to the specific
http requests, accessing the mnesia db.
  3.) Since inets is also act as a HTTP Server, can't I put the php pages on
same server rather than using 2 web servers ? (Apache & inets)

  Just interested, no special need to user PHP over inets.


  Apache, inets, & yaws all 3 are webservers. So why yaws supports PHP after
Apache ? Rather than providing support for PHP they could guid their user to
use Apache, dosen't it ?

  So why not thinking about PHP over inets ? And why Erlang include inets as
their web server ? They also could simply put the Yaws as their web server
or redirect their user to yaws. Why they don't do that?

  These are the questions comes to my head. Also margins are not clear for
me when to use inets & yaws ? As well as why 2 web servers for Erlang users

  Any how i'm new to inets as well.

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    Hi Sanjaya,

    can you explain why you want to serve PHP over inets?


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      1.) What is the possibility of running PHP on inets? (inets support
PHP ?)
      2.) if it supports, how to configure inets to work properly with PHP?
      3.) Are there aditional libraries to add ?

      this because I have write below 3 lines & save it as test.php on a
inets server. But no result

         echo "test";

      Can anybody help on this matter ?

      Thanks in advance

      Sanjaya Vitharana
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