ODBC Problem with Example

kurt wilkin kwilkin@REDACTED
Thu Nov 17 13:49:51 CET 2005

On 11/16/05, Laura M. Castro <laura@REDACTED> wrote:
>   Hello Charles,
>     I have run your example and I can not reproduce the error:
> > 3> odbc:describe_table(Ref,"test").
> > {ok,[{"varchar",'ODBC_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE'},
> >      {"char_array",'ODBC_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE'},
> >      {"int4",sql_integer}]}
>     We use Erlang R10B-7, PostgreSQL 7.4, and the odbc-postgresql, and
> unixodbc driver packages in Debian GNU/Linux (sid). We have also
> performed this test over Erlang R9C-2 and it works, too.

I'm also seeing the unsupported type error,
using R10B-8, postgres 8.0 and the psqlODBC driver.

Looked into it far enough to see that "ODBC_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE" is the default
case on the switch on sql_type in the 'encode_data_type' function in
but am suspicious that it may be coming from the odbc driver?

Cheers, Kurt.

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