Variable variables within an mnemosyne query

Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Mon Nov 7 02:10:22 CET 2005

I want to be able to define dynamic field / clause lists to be entered into
a query and cant
seem to get it down, example :

Entity = atable,
FieldList = " <>,S.address",
ClauseList = " <> = \"me\" ",

Q = query [ FieldList || S <- table(Entity), ClauseList ] end,

Field/Clause lists have to be string, otherwise it will start looking for
the bound variable
so I need a way of having the string evaluated within the query so the query
would evaluate as

Q = query [ <>,S.address || S <- table(atable),<>= "me" ] end,

in other langages I have eval to do this, or $$ in php, but I cant seem to
find a way of doing this
in erlang

Thanks in advance

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