linux Erlang/OTP status (gumstix)

Pascal Brisset pascal.brisset@REDACTED
Sat Nov 5 18:55:17 CET 2005

It's strange to read about the gumstix here. For a moment I thought
I had my mailing-list folders all mixed-up.

Matthias Lang writes:
 > Getting Erlang running on the gumstix should be relatively
 > straightforward if you've done that sort of thing before, i.e. you
 > know your way around cross compilers and makefiles. I'd expect it to
 > take me a day if I already had the cross-compiler and C libraries set
 > up. 

I happened to have the cross-development environment already compiled,
and it only took a couple hours to get R10B-8 running, following your
notes at .

It takes 70 seconds to start erl over NFS and Bluetooth, but then
the shell feels very responsive.

  # uname -a
  Linux gumstix 2.6.10gum #1 Fri Mar 4 15:03:34 PST 2005 armv5tel unknown
  # /mnt/tmp/erlang/bin/erl
  Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.4.10 [source]
  Eshell V5.4.10  (abort with ^G)

The hardware is a gumstix basix 200f-bt (80mm x 20mm, 8 g, 1 W):

My build script and binaries are temporarily here, in case someone
wants to have a look:

-- Pascal

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