linux Erlang/OTP status

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Sat Nov 5 07:55:01 CET 2005

Marthin Laubscher writes:

 > I've found Brian Zhou's announcement of a successful port to an
 > even smaller XSCALE processor (on a linksys device).  That's
 > another positive step dating back to May of this year. I still need
 > to have a deeper look before I can say how much that would help.

Brian's work was excellent. I have a bad conscience for still not
having repeated it and written it up for the FAQ. It should replace my
clumsy hack for doing the same thing by randomly hacking makefiles.

 > Check out the gumstix platform if you have a mo and tell me if you think
 > it's worth registering a "Gumstix Erlang" project, or if it should be so
 > simple that one person can do it over a good weekend.

Getting Erlang running on the gumstix should be relatively
straightforward if you've done that sort of thing before, i.e. you
know your way around cross compilers and makefiles. I'd expect it to
take me a day if I already had the cross-compiler and C libraries set

The gumstix is more than powerful enough, though 4MB of flash is
probably too tight. I'd suggest starting off with the 16MB XM version,
or using external storage (NFS or CF or...).

See also the Erlang FAQ,, question "8.9. Is
Erlang small enough for embedded systems?"


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