Using 4Gb of ram with Erlang VM

Christopher Campbell cyberdanx@REDACTED
Fri Nov 4 13:17:38 CET 2005

Mickael Remond wrote:
> * Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) <ulf.wiger@REDACTED> [2005-11-04 11:08:01 +0100]:
>> As far as I know, it's the addressing limit of 32-bit
>> Erlang. 64-bit Erlang should be able to go higher.
>> I'm not aware of anything limiting erlang to 1GB.
> 1Gb is an old limit (it was a limitation of R6B I think).
> I was asking because I have some reports saying that Erlang does never
> take more than 1Gb on a 4 Gb Windows machine.
> I will investigate this as it should be an OS limitation setting
> (something like ulimit on Windows).

I think, although it's been a while so I may be remembering incorrectly 
that windows allows 2gig of user and 2 gig of kernel virtual memory on 
pro editions of NT family and 3gig user and 1 gig kernel on server editions.

This means the limit for user memory is smaller than the maximum virtual 
address space, the rest being used for kernel data like handles, 
windowing data and so on.  This is for only for 32 bit editions, not 
sure what windows does for 64bit editions.


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