compiling R10B-4 odbc on SuSE Linux 9.2

Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Wed Mar 30 23:33:03 CEST 2005

The new configure makes it really easy to compile the 
odbc driver on Linux now.
Still some minor issues (that could be included in the 
next release maybe :-)

lib/Makefile - still checks for sparc-solaris
to include odbc, fix:
otp_src_R10B-4/lib> diff Makefile Makefile~
<           pman $(SSL_APP) toolbar tv observer odbc \
>           pman $(SSL_APP) toolbar tv observer \

On SuSE the odbc root is /usr so this could be added
to the configure(.in) files:
otp_src_R10B-4/lib/odbc> diff
<                for dir in /opt/local/pgm/odbc /usr/local/odbc /usr/odbc /usr
>                for dir in /opt/local/pgm/odbc /usr/local/odbc /usr/odbc


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