RUDP, shared libraries, etc.

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Wed Mar 30 00:55:23 CEST 2005

Joel Reymont writes:

 > >A relatively conservative way around that limitation is to run
 > >multiple Erlang VMs on the same machine. Erlang is intended for that
 > >sort of design. A little bonus would be that your application would
 > >then be ready to scale to multiple machines.

 > Is there an idiom to implement this scalability in Erlang? That is how do
 > I run multiple instances of the VM on the same machine and have external
 > C code see them as one single server?

I was thinking "Erlang has nice support for writing distributed Erlang
programs, i.e. systems which run on multiple Erlang VMs which may or
may not be on the same machine. That may or may not be useful for your
particular problem." The Erlang Book has a whole chapter about this.

I have a feeling that you were after a much more concrete answer. I
don't have one.


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