MS Windows build use of versions in directory names/paths

Helmut Enck-Radana her@REDACTED
Tue Mar 29 12:03:05 CEST 2005


At 08:42 2005-03-29, Vlad wrote:
>I use Junction Link Magic ( to 
>create a hard link to the current Erlang distribution directory (only 
>works with NTFS).

May be only nitpicking: AFAIK NTFS links to folders (junctions) are more 
like symbolic links, while NTFS hard links only can point to files. 
(Folders in NTFS aren't files.) There is a difference between a folder and 
a link to the folder: When you delete the folder, the content is gone and 
you can't reach it via the link. Links to files behave like hard links in a 
POSIX system.

Unfortunately both aren't well supported by the Windows system tools. In 
Windows Explorer you can't see the difference between a link and a copy, 
and Windows Backup even treats links as if they were copies.

-- helmut

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