Parse transformery (Was: Re: Calling internal functions - foo::bar() ?)

Thomas Johnsson XA (LN/EAB) thomas.xa.johnsson@REDACTED
Wed Mar 23 08:58:12 CET 2005

(Wading through some backlogs ...:-)

> Speaking for myself. The ability to call private functions
> in _live_ systems far outweigh performance considerations
> in the systems I have been involved in lately.
> Therefore I almost always use -compile(export_all)
> in most of my modules. Later ... way later when a
> module has stabilized, I might (if I get the time)
> do a later overhaul and explicitly export the API
> functions. 

So how about the following suggestion:

- You write your -export declarations, properly, for soft.eng. purposes.
- For development & debuggning, put in a -compile(export_all) also!
- Let the compiler and/or otp *warn* if you're using something exported by an export_all
  but not a proper -export.

I imagine that to make a proper job of the last point, the compiler needs to put 
additional information in the beam file, namely mark the functions export_all:ed but not

-- Thomas

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