Erlang otp_r10B-3 OpenBSD3.7 port is now ready for testing.

Geoff White geoffw@REDACTED
Tue Mar 22 08:23:48 CET 2005

I am pleased to announce a new port of Erlang otp_R10B-3 to OpenBSD 3.7 
The port can be downloaded from...

Hopefully the OpenBSD folks will consider this port to replace the 
hopelessly outdated port of 4.7 that currently represents Erlang in 
their ports tree. 

Please note that this port, enables SAE but it has not been tested.  
Also the jinterface has been disabled due to lack of real jvm support on 
OpenBSD.  YOU MUST BE RUNNING OpenBSD 3.7 (current) in order to use this 
port.  I have not tried it with earlier releases, it may work but then 
again, it may not, but you are welcome to try, please report back any 
results.  I have also only built and tested on i386 boxes, if anyone is 
running OpenBSD on anything else, I'd be interested in knowing how it fares.
This port will install erl erlc ear ecc elink escript  esh  into 
/usr/local/bin.  The bulk of the erlang system is installed in 
/usr/local/lib/erlang.  You should unpack this tarball into /usr/ports/, 
make sure you move the existing erlang port to erlang.old.  If you want 
to play with SAE, you will need beam_evm and erlang.ear. After your 
make  and make install, you will find beam_evm in 
w-otp_R10B-3/otp_R10B-3/bin/$(TARGET-ARCH) and erlang.ear in 

Please let me know if you do download and do some testing, I'd like to 
know about successes as well as failures.  I'd like to submit this to 
the OpenBSD folks as soon as possible doubt it will be in time to go on 
the 3.7 CD but maybe it will get incorporated into the ports tree in the 
next few months.

Send feedback to me at geoffw at

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