R10B-3 install/porting question ecc? ear? elink? escript?

Peter-Henry Mander erlang@REDACTED
Mon Mar 21 14:35:11 CET 2005

Hi Geoff,

The following thread may be useful to you.



On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 04:57:33 -0800
Geoff White <geoffw@REDACTED> wrote:

> Greetz,
> I am currently working on the port of R10B-3 to OpenBSD 3.7. I thought I 
> had the port all but done, when I discovered (at the install phase)  
> that I don't actually have executables for the following...
> ecc
> ear
> elink
> escript
> The Install; installs symbolic links that go to $(ERLANG_BINDIR) but 
> these files don't seem to have been built and placed there. I can't find 
> any evidence of  them by searching in the distribution.  I also don't 
> see any mention of them in the R10B documentation area of the web site ( 
> http://www.erlang.se/doc/doc-5.4.3/doc/ ).  As I create the port, the 
> missing files are flagged as errors and it is creating problems.  Can 
> anyone enlighten me as to what is going on, or what I'm doing wrong. Of 
> course this is a BSD build environment
> cheers,
> geoffw

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