Erlang port of R10B-3 to OpenBSD 3.7-current

Geoff White geoffw@REDACTED
Mon Mar 14 20:52:13 CET 2005

I have successfully finished a port of the latest Eralng language 
(R10B-3) to OpenBSD 3.7 (current)
I would like to find people willing to test this port,  it will save 
people who want to run erlang on OpenBSD
(a great combination for router work), a lot of time and trouble.
For those of you who don't us BSD systems, a "port" is equivalent to a 
.rpm in Linux systems.  It
 allows one to simply cd to the /usr/ports/lang/erlang directory and type

make && make install

the erlang tar ball is downloaded, patched so it will build on OpenBSD, 
and installed.  It can be removed with
a simple pkg_delete command

Erlang is the primary development language of DroidOS, a stripped down 
version of OpenBSD that runs on  the soekris 4x01 series boxes used in 
SnortDroid (

drop a line if you have questions or are interested in testing this port


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