tv not showing ets table

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Mon Mar 14 01:00:37 CET 2005

Anders Nygren <anders.nygren@REDACTED> writes:
> I create two ets tables with
>     ets:new(workers,[named_table,set,protected]),
>     ets:new(queue,[named_table,ordered_set,protected]),
> tv only shows worker as default.
> If I change options to show system tables the table queue is shown,
> with my process as the owner.
> So why does tv think that  the table queue is a system table?

The "system table" hiding to try not to mix your tables with tables
that you didn't create. As there are no name spaces, prefixes or other
way to know if it is a table used internally in the standard libraries
or not, there is a static list of table names in "tv_main.hrl" that is
used. This list isn't perfect and "queue" happen to be in the list.

The solution to list the names statically is a "hack". If a list of
names is to be maintained, maybe tv itself should have an ets table
with these names to hide, so that you can both view and edit this


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