Parse transformery (Was: Re: Calling internal functions - foo::bar() ?)

Mats Cronqvist mats.cronqvist@REDACTED
Tue Mar 8 10:46:09 CET 2005

Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Kostis Sagonas <kostis@REDACTED> writes:
>>Just in case some of my points were too implicit, let me make them
>>more explicit:
> We agree that export_all is bad. What we disagree on is the relative
> importance of troubleshooting tools vs. compiler optimization. This is
> hardly surprising since one of us is troubleshooting running systems
> all day and the other is developing compiler optimizations. :-)

   i was just going to comment to Kostis that for the AXD301, the choice between 
a 5% compiler optimization and 5% better turnaround time on bug fixes is a 
no-brainer (in favor of better debugging).
   alas, while i personally like the M::F shell-only proposal, i don't see it as 
being very helpful in AXD301 development.
a) it's only really useful to the guy who wrote the code...
b) ...and the function is reasonably side-effect free
c) we already have the problem that the shell is abused on live nodes (by 
   if i thought otherwise i'd be mail-bombing the OTP guys right now.

> The parse transform is lib/msc/src/internal_exports.erl in jungerl.
> Cheers,
> Luke
> P.S. Good luck Mats on getting this adopted for AXD301. :-)

   i'll just explain to the bosses that it's object-oriented and they'll give me 
a raise :>

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