memory leakage problem in erl_interface

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Mon Mar 7 12:01:16 CET 2005

Hi Maruthavanan,

> I have built a c exe with erl interface. When I send more messages from 
> erlang to c or c to erlang my  exe keeps on consuming memory drastically, 
> which leads to memory leakage problem.

I would recommend trying to memory profile your code, using something
like Purify, for example.  Alternatively, you could attempt to recast
your code using the ei library, which has a much, much simpler memory
allocation scheme, leaving you in more control.

Having skimmed your code excerpts, it looks like you are cleaning up
the eterms properly.  That would suggest to me, that the leak might
lie elsewhere (e.g., in the functions you call from msg_from_enode()).


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