mnesia creation of database failed

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Fri Mar 4 11:52:17 CET 2005

Den 2005-03-04 11:09:53 skrev Dietmar Schaefer <dietmar@REDACTED>:

> Hi !
> Most recently I changed my directory layout ( The way how I origanize  
> source,bin, etc)
> When I now try to create my database tables I get:
>   creation of database scalarVariables failed reason.{bad_type,
>                                                        scalarVariables,
> {disc_copies,cmmc@REDACTED}}
> I am quite shure I dod not change anything else ! (?)

I'm not quite sure if it isn't just the format of the
error message, but the reason could be that the value
of disc_copies should be a list of node names, not
just a single node.


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