java JMeter vs Erlang Tsunami

Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Wed Mar 2 11:54:10 CET 2005

Michael Fogeborg wrote:
> have anyone here compared these two ?

Yes. JMeter is a toy. You can hardly simulate more than 200 simultaneous 
users hitting a web server. This is something you can use to get a rough 
idea of your pages response time but you can do real benchmark 
performance. And JMeter is not clustered.
JMeter can use protocol not (yet?) available under Tsunami (Most notably 
JDBC which is pretty much Java only; If Tsunami implements database 
benchmark, it is likely to use direct database protocol or ODBC).

Otherwise Tsunami is made for real performance benchmark. Tsunami has 
been use to benchmark a static platform (Apache). Tsunami simulated 
25000 simultaneous users (on 4 standar machines), half of the connexion 
being HTTPS. Tsunami is very powerfull in what you can do (in scenario), 
use a stochastic model to have more realistic user behaviours,.... I 
could keep on for pages :-)

Tsunami is a little rough around the edge, but if you plan to use it, 
you can contact me to have some starting tips :-)

Mickaël Rémond

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