Sound/video drivers

Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Wed Mar 2 11:18:52 CET 2005

   Questions about sound: 

    I'd like to do the following:
    -  From a microphone connected to the sound card  of my (Linux) PC I'd like to get  I get {raw,Bin} sound 
       messages here raw might mean that Bin represents 20 KHz, 8 bit samples or something.
    -  I'd  like to send these to a codec process and get back (say)  {codec23, Bin'} messages.

     - I ship these over the net with UDP/RTP (or something) 

     - then turn these back into {raw, Bin''} messages and 

     - send these to my soundcard  

   1) How can I get sound into/out of my PC to an Erlang program?

   The input is a microphone connected to my sound card
   Output is through the sound card

   I'm thinking of some raw driver here:

	I'd like to say:

	P = open_sound( Options),

	loop(P) ->
		{P, Sound} ->
			.... received Sound ...

	I guess Options must say something about sampling rates etc.

   2) What is sound?
	ie in the above program what is the type of Sound? -
	Assume Sound is a tuple {Descriptor, Bin}
	Where Bin is just sound data, then Descriptor would have to describe Bin

	What would descriptor be? Something like {EncodeingMethod, Args} but what would these be.

   3) How can I encode sound with codecs?

	I'd like to write:

	encode(From, To, Codec) ->
	       {From, Sound} ->
		{Sound1, Codec1} = Codec(Sound),
		To ! {self(), Sound1},
		encode(From, To, Codec1)
     Video? - same questions for video - with microphone replaced by web_cam

     Has anybody some Erlang code that does all of this?




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