XML and Erlang

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Mon Jun 20 22:28:42 CEST 2005

20 jun 2005 kl. 17.32 skrev Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB):

>     Suppose I write
>     <!ELEMENT a (b,c,d)>

Suppose I write

     <!ELEMENT a ((b & c & d)* | (c, d))>

Add some funky XHTML style INCLUDE/IGNORE macros :-)

But yes I think that many of the XML ELEMENTS could be mapped to  
records, and I usually do this
by hand.

I HATE XML but have to live with it every day ....
The Industry (name any kind) use XML without any kind of DTD. And if  
they do they tend to use it as
some odd kind of comment. I have tons of XML that does not pass  
through any XML validation.
I have even seen XML (thanks luke) that contained inlined DTD that  
did not validate!!!

This means that tools must normally turn off validation and then the  
guessing starts ;-)

Happy XML hacking everyone


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