erl boot flags

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Mon Jan 31 17:37:26 CET 2005

I was trying to match the following printout from OTP R10B-2 against the documentation:

Usage: erl [-version] 
           [-sname NAME | -name NAME] 
           [-env VAR VALUE]
           [-compile file ...]
           [-man [manopts] MANPAGE]
           [+i BOOT_MODULE]
           [+b BOOT_FUN]
           [+s STACK_SIZE]
           [+h HEAP_SIZE]
           [+# ITEMS]
           [+P MAX_PROCS]
           [+A THREADS]
           [+R COMPAT_REL]
           [+K BOOLEAN]
           [+M<SUBSWITCH> <ARGUMENT>]
           [args ...]

The flags above that I don't find documentation for are:

   +b BOOT_FUN
   +# ITEMS

(Does that mean that they are not supported?)

The following flags are, I guess, understood to be part of [args ...],
as they all appear in the erl(3) manual as supported:

   -AppName Key Value
   -boot File
   -boot_var Var Directory [Var Directory]
   -config Config
   -connect_all false
   -eval Expr
   -hosts Hosts
   -id Id
   -loader Loader
   -mode Mode
   -pa Directories
   -pz Directories
   -remsh Node
   -rsh Program
   -run Mod [Fun [Args]]
   -s Mod [Fun [Args]]
   -setcookie Cookie
   +B [i]

Were the five options (-x, +i, +b, +s, +#) left out on purpose? 
Are there other flags supported by erl that were listed neither 
in the help message nor in the manual?

I admit I haven't searched the erts source for answers.

I maintain that there should be a section in the documentation briefly 
listing unsupported functions and options.


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