[newbie] accept()-ing process under supervision (was:Erlangish way of Iterator pattern)

Thu Jan 27 00:30:42 CET 2005

 I was excited when I found UBF since it seemed to
 be the right answer to client server. And Erlang is
 ideal for servers and I can write the clients as
 Java applets. As I wrote to a friend:

   One of the things I like about UBF is that clients
   to server is RPC, but the server can send extra
   messages to the client. This is ideal. If you just
   have an RPC system (like the web) then the client
   only sees new info when it makes a call. If you have
   a message based system then the clients can flood
   the server. The ubf combination is fine. When a server
   action might take a while the server can respond
   immediately to the rpc, then send the answer later.

 However I wonder what the state of it is. I just got
 version 0.12 and the irc_server and Erlang irc-client
 seem to work together ok (though error recovery is
 not ideal). However the Java irc-client gives a
 contract error.

 There is also a report of an alternative Java
 implementation. And indeed other languages would be
 good: there is mention of a TCL version but I haven't
 found it.

 I'm sure I'll be able to use UBF even if these issues
 aren't addressed. Congratulations on a great idea and
 a useable implementation.


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