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Tue Jan 25 02:46:32 CET 2005

And is it possible to enable mnesia/SNMP on a board with just 32M RAM,  in case without huge bulks of data to be manipulated?

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>Torbjorn Tornkvist wrote:
>> Yes, Nortel's SSL-VPN products is using Mnesia in all its glory.
>Regarding Mnesia, I have a question to all of you that are also using it 
>in production. What do you use for backuping Mnesia ? What function do 
>you call ?
> From our experience, the Mnesia backup function can eat a lot of 
>memory. This is for sure related to the distributed feature and the fact 
>that a stable checkpoint must be generated.
>But you need a lot of RAM to do such operation. This is the same for 
>table structure updates. On some hardware, it could be difficult to keep 
>several hundreds of Mo in RAM just to be safe with backups. Could this 
>be related to the number of waiting messages queued before Mnesia ?
>So, I wanted to have your feedback on how you handle those 
>administration Mnesia process ?
>Thank you in advance for your feedback.
>Mickaël Rémond

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