Budget Erlnag/OTP hardware

Stephen Han kruegger@REDACTED
Tue Jan 18 00:07:22 CET 2005


If I have an Erlang application that, 

- uses MNESIA to store and delete incoming messages.
- converts incoming messge to HTTP and forward it to Yaws running in
same platform.
- receives about 3 msgs/sec through TCP/IP.
- heavily contructs and matches binary messages.
- creates process per message.

1. What will be the value CPU for this kind of Erlang application? I
saw some people using Celoron, P4 - hyperthreading, Sempron, Athlon 64
or even VIA EPIA, too. I guess the more expensive, the better but
there must be just enough CPU for those kind of tasks. Also could you
tell me why?

2. If the Erlang/OTP is running x86 CPUs, what OS is a better choice
in performance wise? Windows/Linux/FreeBSD?


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