A Pythonista's Impressions of Erlang

Fri Jan 14 15:58:40 CET 2005

Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Rob <erlq@REDACTED> writes:
>>given the limited number of available erlang programs from different
> You have seen the Jungerl (jungerl.sourceforge.net) right?

Definitely, I appreciate the work put into jungerl, but I meant "limited 
  number" compared to other languages - CPAN, etc
With OpenFlax, we have 4 (?) http server examples, not that we need many
more but certainly it fits in the middle between pico and yaws.

I also meant that no links to any erlang code should be dropped because 
they are all important unless they display some abhorrent qualities, 
even those are sometimes useful in their own way.

And, I think every language needs at minimum, one brainf*ck interpreter
The most beautiful one I've seen (gui-wise): 

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