Mon Jan 10 23:07:41 CET 2005

I was interested if anyone has any opinions about the following.

I was looking through  for the language shootout because I was thinking 
about learning "D" (D and erlang hold a similar attraction for me) and 
wanted some programs to start with. I was happy to see that the newest 
round of "benchmarks" includes a new test where erlang starts to shine 
Although they will probably not ramp the test up to where erlang is 
strongest since most other languages will start to fail at less than 
5000 threads.

The thing I am wondering about is the performance of Clean

I don't understand why a small, relatively obscure functional language 
could surpass the performance of compilers that have had massive amounts 
of academic and industry scrutiny, testing and tuning over a period of 
(in some cases) decades. For version 2.1 of Clean they have re-written 
their compiler in Clean, is it that function languages are that much 
superior for compilers?

I am thinking that I'd like to use some Clean functions for some serial 
processing within the context of an erlang program that does all the 
concurrency management - Any opinions about something like that?



PS I noticed their erlang fasta program is failing:

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