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Mon Jan 10 17:39:50 CET 2005

Dear Ulf,
Our server farm has nodes that join the cloud at different times, as you
might guess. First, I don't know how we set things up for a new node to
inform other nodes about its availability. Secondly, I suspect that a race
condition probably exists in whatever technique we employ for that purpose.
Probably, there is no lock/sync involved across the set of all nodes.

Martin Logan incorporated gen_leader into our system. He can probably make
better sense of all this.

- Thomas Fee (eSignal / FutureSource)

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Having looked into this briefly, I'm of the opinion that 
lexcompare/2 can only return 'equal' if the leaders have been 
misconfigured. I think that it would be better for it to 
exit, but as far as I can tell from the code, and based on my 
recollection, lexcompare/2 can only return 'equal' if:

(1) two nodes have been accepted by the same number of peers 
    (which is possible), and
(2) they have the same position in the list of candidates

If (2) is true, the leaders are misconfigured. They should all 
have identical candidate lists. (*)

The documentation states that "the list of candidates must be 
known from the start".

This is perhaps a bit vague. It should also state that all leader 
candidates must be started with identical candidate lists.

If my assumption seems incorrect, please let me know.


(*) Obviously, this calls for some caution when the candidate 
list needs to be updated. One way to do this is during a code
change (which, using the OTP release handler support is 
synchronized across nodes.) A reasonable restriction during 
code change is that if one participating node dies while 
upgrade is in progress, the code change is rolled back.
At the moment, gen_leader callbacks are able to update the 
candidate list during code change, but only by breaking the
record abstraction. One additional exported function, e.g.
set_candidates/2, from gen_leader.erl could fix this.

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Hello All, 
We have encountered a problem with gen_leader. All our servers died
simultaneously. The bug is this: 
The function lexcompare returns one of: 'equal', 'less', or 'greater'. The
function safe_loop calls lexcompare when it receives a 'capture' message
from a server. Unfortunately, safe_loop only handles 'less' and 'greater' in
the lexcompare returned result.
Our server ran into a scenario when 'equal' was returned from lexcompare.
Hence, the servers crashed. 
What should be done to fix this missing case clause problem? 
Thanks - 
- Thomas Fee 

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