gen_tcp and message handling

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Mon Jan 10 13:08:04 CET 2005

2005-01-10 kl. 10.32 skrev Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB):

>>> It is very easy, but slower !
>  You've said the word that sets me off :-)
>   But who cares about speed?


>    Speed is only relative, it's either "fast enough" or not -
> so write your code as beautifully as possible - and measure - if it's 
> not
> fast enough then measure and then optimise.
>     One day you might have to maintain your code so it had better be 
> beautiful.
Since I have been implementing several systems to this date, I tend to 
remember what
caused the 10% CPU overhead. So I simply try to not write code 
fragments that I know where
bad for performance. Then I just want to share that info with you 
people on the list.

Why write Slow and Ugly code when you can write Fast and Beautiful ;-)

In many (well almost every project I haven been working in) the 
prototype tend to be the
actual product!!!

I do agree with your overall philosophy in code making.

But Fast code will (nearly) always be Faster than Slow code!
Windows-98 is still faster than Windows-XP even on modern machines. The 
previous statement is just a
rumor, have not tested my self for obvious reasons.


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