No more EVA?

Casper casper2000a@REDACTED
Mon Jan 10 11:24:25 CET 2005

Hi Matthias,

With the little reading I did on EVA, it seems to me more than an event
handler. It contains SNMP adaptation support and log management. First I
thought it's pretty helpful though withdrawal gave me second thoughts.


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Casper writes:

 > Erlang Community: Am I the only one with an interest/need of an Event and
 > Alarm application in Erlang/OTP?

I looked at EVA a few years ago when writing the event and alarm code
for an embedded system. That system didn't need SNMP and didn't have
mnesia, so that left me looking at 11000 lines of code which don't do
a whole lot more than remember which alarms are on and and tell other
processes about it. Seemed about as much help as having someone else
handle the fork while I'm eating ravioli, and a lot less fun.

It seems that others have arrived at the same conclusion: in 99.9% of
applications, EVA is more trouble than it's worth. I suspect that
holds for all canned alarm solutions.

But just because EVA was removed from the distribution doesn't mean
you can't use it. It's still available for download.


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