2006 Programme on Logic and Algorithms - Workshops

Thu Dec 22 21:14:06 CET 2005

During the first half of 2006, the Isaac Newton Institute for 
Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge, UK, will hold a Special Programme 
on Logic and Algorithms. The programme will include six workshops:

9 - 13 January
Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory (A Satellite Meeting at Durham)

27 February - 3 March
Logic and Databases

20 - 24 March
Mathematics of Constraint Satisfaction: Algebra, Logic and Graph Theory 
(A Satellite Meeting at Oxford)

10 - 13 April
New Directions in Proof Complexity

8 - 12 May
Constraints and Verification

3 - 7 July
Games and Verification
The workshops are open to participation. See 

To join the mailing list, 
see http://www.newton.cam.ac.uk/programmes/LAA/list.html

For further information, contact vardi at cs dot rice dot edu.

Moshe Vardi

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