SOAP (again?)

Claes Wikstom klacke@REDACTED
Thu Dec 22 11:11:36 CET 2005

Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:
> I've been looking at Erlang lately and I am _very_ new to it. I guess,
> my question has been asked a few times.
> Is there a SOAP library available for Erlang? It isn't, strictly
> speaking, a matter of life and death, but it could be :)

I've been doing quite a lot of SOAP client programming
lately and I sure can't say I liked it. It sucks bigtime.
Anyway, what I did was basically to

1. Ask the WebServices provider to give me a good
    tcpdump capture of one good and one bad case.

2. Send raw XML structures to the WebServices provider
    with my dataitems inserted,

3. xmerl parse the reply.

To my knowledge there is no good SOAP lib available today,
One key componenet that is missing is an XML-Schema parser
which is non trivial.


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