SNMP v3 problem with usm stats

karol skocik karol.skocik@REDACTED
Wed Dec 21 13:19:25 CET 2005

 I am working on SNMP (library version 4.6.1), and I have a problem
with getting error usmStatsNotInTimeWindows (using v3 with
authentification & authorization). I have enabled tracing, and the
problem occurs when agent receives get request. When I do (after
starting crypto and snmp) :

snmpm:g("karol", {127,0,0,1}, 4000, [[1,3,6,1,2,1,1,5,0]]).

I get this :
=INFO REPORT==== 20-Dec-2005::16:48:22 ===
SNMPM default user callback received handle_error:
ReqId: -1
Reason: {failed_processing_message,
UserData: undefined
** SNMP M-SERVER LOG: received sync_timeout [677490657] message
** SNMP M-SERVER TRACE: handle_sync_timeout -> entry with
ReqId: 677490657
From: {<0.31.0>,#Ref<>}
** SNMP M-SERVER DEBUG: handle_sync_timeout -> deliver reply (timeout)
and demonitor:
Monref: #Ref<>
From: {<0.31.0>,#Ref<>}

I have searched the archive, and found out that one guy had exactly
the same problem
but he has got no replies how to solve it. What makes me feel
uncomfortable is - according to his post - that there were NO changes
in his configuration, it just started to feeding him with these

There are no user modules yet - I am using standard snmpm_user_default,
also there are no (mine added) instrumentation functions - it is just
the skelet I need to have working properly before I plug in our stuff,
but this message - it's quite a showstopper.

I was checking rfc2274 (USM in SNMPv3), this looks like that I should
start communication with agent using non-authoritative mode to reset 2
counters : SnmpEngineTime and SnmpEngineBoots, but I don't see that
deep now.

Do you guys know what might be the problem and how to fix it? Thanks
for any suggestions.

  Karol Skocik

The log where it is reported looks like this :
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: authenticate_incoming -> 3.2.6
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> retrieve EngineBoots and
EngineTime: 3.2.7
** SNMP A-LOCAL-DB LOG: variable get: snmpEngineID
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> SnmpEngineID: "md's engine"
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> we are authoritative: 3.2.7a
** SNMP A-LOCAL-DB LOG: variable get: snmpEngineBoots
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> SnmpEngineBoots: 15
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM INFO: NOT in time window:
SecName: "initial"
SnmpEngineBoots: 15
MsgAuthEngineBoots: 13
SnmpEngineTime: 149
MsgAuthEngineTime: 148
** SNMP A-NET-IF MPD TRACE: message processing result:
** SNMP A-NET-IF MPD DEBUG: security module result when reportable [7.2.6-a]:
Reason: usmStatsNotInTimeWindows
ErrorInfo: {{varbind,[1,3,6,1,6,3,15,1,1,2,0],'Counter32',3,undefined},

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