usmStatsNotInTimeWindows in latest SNMP (4.6.1)

karol karol.skocik@REDACTED
Tue Dec 20 17:01:00 CET 2005

Hi guys,
  I need your help with the latest SNMP. Currently there are no user modules loaded, so it is "just" the skelet - using snmpm_user_default module. What makes me trouble is simple get request like this :

 snmpm:g("karol", {127,0,0,1}, 4000, [[1,3,6,1,2,1,1,5,0]]).

I get this error : 
=INFO REPORT==== 20-Dec-2005::16:48:22 ===
SNMPM default user callback received handle_error:
   ReqId:    -1
   Reason:   {failed_processing_message,
   UserData: undefined
** SNMP M-SERVER LOG: received sync_timeout [677490657] message
** SNMP M-SERVER TRACE: handle_sync_timeout -> entry with
   ReqId: 677490657
   From:  {<0.31.0>,#Ref<>}
** SNMP M-SERVER DEBUG: handle_sync_timeout -> deliver reply (timeout) and demonitor: 
   Monref: #Ref<>
   From:   {<0.31.0>,#Ref<>}

with more tracing I can dig the output and find this : 

** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: authenticate_incoming -> 3.2.6
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> retrieve EngineBoots and EngineTime: 3.2.7
** SNMP A-LOCAL-DB LOG: variable get: snmpEngineID
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> SnmpEngineID: "md's engine"
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> we are authoritative: 3.2.7a
** SNMP A-LOCAL-DB LOG: variable get: snmpEngineBoots
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM TRACE: is_auth -> SnmpEngineBoots: 15
** SNMP A-NET-IF A-USM INFO: NOT in time window: 
   SecName:            "initial"
   SnmpEngineBoots:    15
   MsgAuthEngineBoots: 13
   SnmpEngineTime:     149
   MsgAuthEngineTime:  148
** SNMP A-NET-IF MPD TRACE: message processing result: 
** SNMP A-NET-IF MPD DEBUG: security module result when reportable [7.2.6-a]:
   Reason:    usmStatsNotInTimeWindows
   ErrorInfo: {{varbind,[1,3,6,1,6,3,15,1,1,2,0],'Counter32',3,undefined},

>From the docs I have found (like this one :
that this should occur only once, and then the other requests should be ok. But this is not my case. Anybody has some ideas what to do or what to set? They will be very helpfull.

Thank you,
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