Erlang Christmas Cup

Thomas Arts thomas.arts@REDACTED
Tue Dec 20 07:38:09 CET 2005

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On Wednesday Dec 21th, a local, unofficial Robocup simulation league 
competition will be held at the IT University of Göteborg.

There are 4-6 participating teams, designed and implemented by 2nd year 
students at the Software Engineering and Management programme. All teams 
have been designed using the Promethetus process (a software process for 
agent design), and implemented in Erlang. Some teams have been 
implemented using the agent platform described in C. Varela Paz, et al., 
On Modelling Agent Systems with Erlang, Erlang Workshop 2004, other have 
been implemented using platforms inspired by that paper.

You are most welcome to view the games: either through our web-cast of 
the event, or on the spot. (Please register.) A tournament plan, 
instructions for viewing the event through the web-cast, and 
registration info may be found at 

If you want to visit the games in person, come to the IT University. ( 
<> -> Directions ) and say 
“Erlang Christmas Cup” at the reception. (Please register in advance.)

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