Atomic ets

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Mon Dec 19 17:40:26 CET 2005


warning, cynicism ahead.

Whenever a new email on this thread pops up in my inbox, I check the
date.  Every single time I think it might be April, 1.

If your application uses ets as a communication mechanism between
processes, that is surely quite a sore design mistake.

Where does this desire for programming with locks come from?  Erlang
has a much simpler way of dealing with parallelism.  But you do have
to think about it, it's no use to take a book on PThreads and try to
translate the algorithms directly.

Programming with locks or atomic regions always makes me think of the
chaos that would ensue if there were only one library in the world
with exactly one copy of every book and nobody is allowed their own.
To read anything you have to go to the library and check out the book
you want.  Oh, and you're only allowed to write any book by going to
the library, checking out an existing book or getting a blank one (if
it's a new book).

Hang on, we can optimise this.  How about you can check out individual
chapters, or pages, or lines, or letters ...

It would sure save a lot of space ...


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