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chandru chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Mon Dec 19 09:12:10 CET 2005

So you need a http proxy written in erlang. There isn't anything
opensource at the moment. You can try merging the minimal http servers
written by Joe/Sean* and try modifying them to forward requests using
ibrowse. You'll have to read the relevant sections of RFC2616 to see
what parts you have to implement.

Or you can ask Klacke nicely to see if he'll build proxy support into yaws.


[*] Sean Hinde's webserver is called iserve and I think you'll find it
at Joe Armstrong's webserver is at his website. A quick
search of the erlang mailing list archives should work.

On 16/12/05, Tony Zheng <tzheng@REDACTED> wrote:
> We have installed a Java Web server on Solaris 10 platform and the
> client is POS(windows CE platform) supported HTTP protocol. The
> communication between POS and Java web server should pass through a
> gateway programed by Erlang. That is:
> POS client<----->Gateway(Erlang)<----->Java web server
> So the Erlang gateway should received a https over TCP/IP using a
> standard URL format like this:
> https://111.222.333.444/test.asp?RecordID=0&........
> I want to program a gateway in server by Erlang, it can get some http
> format request from client and response http format to client. are there
> any samples?
> Thanks.
> Tony

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