Second Call For Papers - ICLP 2006

A Serebrenik aserebre@REDACTED
Thu Dec 15 17:33:26 CET 2005

                       SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS


          22nd International Conference on Logic Programming 
             Seattle, Washington, USA, 17-20 August, 2006

         Part of Fourth Federated Logic Conference, FLoC 2006


Since the first conference held in Marseilles in 1982, ICLP has been
the premier international conference for presenting research in logic
programming. Contributions (papers and posters) are sought in all areas 
of logic programming including but not restricted to:

* Theory: Semantic Foundations, Formalisms, Nonmonotonic Reasoning,
  Knowledge Representation.
* Implementation: Compilation, Memory Management, Virtual Machines, 
* Environments: Program Analysis, Program Transformation, Validation and 
  Verification, Debugging, Profiling.
* Language Issues: Concurrency, Objects, Coordination, Mobility, Higher 
  Order, Types, Modes, Programming Techniques.
* Alternative Paradigms: Constraint Logic Programming, Abductive Logic 
  Programming, Inductive Logic Programming, Answer-Set Programming.
* Applications: Deductive Databases, Data Integration, Software Engineering, 
  Natural Language, Web Tools, Internet Agents, Artificial Intelligence.

The three broad categories for submissions are: (1) technical papers, 
where specific attention will be given to work providing novel integrations 
of the areas listed above, (2) application papers, where the emphasis
will be on their impact on the application domain as opposed to the
advancement of the the state-of-the-art of logic programming, and (3)
posters, ideal for presenting and discussing current work not yet ready 
for publication, for PhD thesis summaries and research project overviews.

In addition to papers and posters, the technical program will include 
invited talks, advanced tutorials, several workshops and  Doctoral 
Student Consortium. Details, as they become available will be posted at


Papers and posters must describe original, previously unpublished 
research, and must not be simultaneously submitted for publication 
elsewhere. They must be written in English. Technical papers and
application papers must not exceed 15 pages in the Springer LNCS 
format (cf. The 
limit for posters is 2 pages in that format. 

The primary means of submission will be electronic. More information 
on the submission procedure will be available at


The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer-Verlag
in the LNCS series. The proceedings will include the accepted papers
and the abstracts of accepted posters.


The conference is sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming.
The ALP has funds to assist financially disadvantaged participants.

The ALP is planning to sponsor two awards for ICLP'06: for the best
technical paper and for the best student paper.


				Papers 		Posters
Abstract submission deadline   	14 February	N/A
Submission deadline 		21 February 	14 March
Notification of authors 	7 April 	14 April
Camera-ready copy due 		2 May 		2 May


General Chair:
Manuel Hermenegildo (herme@REDACTED)

Program Co-Chairs:
Sandro Etalle (s.etalle@REDACTED)
Mirek Truszczynski (mirek@REDACTED)

Workshop Chair:
Christian Schulte (schulte@REDACTED)

Doctoral Student Consortium:
Enrico Pontelli (epontell@REDACTED)

Publicity Chair:
Alexander Serebrenik (a.serebrenik@REDACTED)


Maria Alpuente
Krzysztof Apt
Annalisa Bossi
Veronica Dahl
Giorgio Delzanno
Pierre Deransart
Agostino Dovier
Thomas Eiter
Sandro Etalle, co-chair
John Gallagher
Michael Gelfond
Hai-Feng Guo
Manuel Hermenegildo
Tomi Janhunen
Fangzhen Lin
Michael Maher
Victor Marek
Eric Monfroy
Stephen Muggleton
Brigitte Pientka
Maurizio Proietti
I.V. Ramakrishnan
Peter van Roy
Harald Sondergaard
Mirek Truszczynski, co-chair
German Vidal
Andrei Voronkov
Roland Yap


The conference will be a part of the fourth Federated Logic Conference
(FLoC'06) to be held August 10-21, 2006, in Seattle, Washington
( Other participating
conferences are: Computer-Aided Verification (CAV), Rewriting Techniques
and Applications (RTA), Logic in Computer Science (LICS), Theory and
Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT), and Int'l Joint Conference
on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR). Plenary events involving multiple
conferences are planned.


The ICLP-06 program will include several workshops. They provide a 
platform for the presentation of preliminary work and novel ideas in a 
less formal way than the conference itself. They also are an opportunity 
to disseminate work in progress, particularly for new researchers. 
Workshops also provide a venue for presenting more specialized topics and 
opportunities for more intensive discussions, exchange of ideas, and 
project collaboration. The following workshops will be held in association 
with the ICLP-06 conference:

* International Workshop on  Applications of Logic Programming in the 
Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS2006) 
* Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint and LOgic Programming Systems (CICLOPS) 
* International Workshop on Software Verification and Validation (SVV 
* Preferences and Their Applications in Logic Programming Systems Search and Logic: Answer Set Programming and SAT 
* 16th Workshop on Logic-Based Programming Environments (WLPE 2006) 
* MVLP'06: International Workshop on Multi-Valued Logic and Logic 

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