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Claes Wikstom klacke@REDACTED
Thu Dec 15 14:15:29 CET 2005

Jakob Cederlund wrote:

> Exactly! This is (maybe too tersely) mentioned under ssh_cm, listen. 
> Since the host keys in /etc/ssh are used to identify the host by the 
> sshd-process, it's important that these keys are readable only by root. 
> (Otherwise they could be copied and used on another host.)
> The easiest way to set up your erlang shell for use with ssh_sshd is to 
> generate a new pair of host keys, with the unix command:
> ssh-keygen -f ssh_host_rsa_key -t rsa -N ''
> or:
> ssh-keygen -f ssh_host_dsa_key -t dsa -N ''
> Then you use the system_dir option to point these out for the erlang ssh 
> daemon. (I'm goingn to write this in the manual, it really is terse.)
> /Jakob

But then again, while developing, you don't want
different host keys associated to the same host.
I.e you don't want /etc/ssh _and_ /home/luser/myssh_server_keys
on the same host and if you have that, you want both dirs to
contain the same keys but with different perms.

All this - since the ssh client gets confused


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