erlang shell via ssh

Claes Wikstom klacke@REDACTED
Thu Dec 15 12:53:53 CET 2005

tobbe wrote:
> Yesterday, I tried to setup so that I could get an Erlang shell via ssh access.
> I failed! Sometimes I think the OTP man-pages are just a tiny bit too terse...
> Anyway, I do not want to run as root, so I tried:
> 1> ssh_sshd:listen(3322, [{user_passwords, [{"admin","admin"}]}]).
> {ok,<0.33.0>}
> then I tried to connect with ssh:
> # ssh -p 3322 localhost
> But I just got an error report about 'eaccess' etc.

You must let the ssh server read it's private key. Your
server crashed with eaccess when it tries to read /etc/ssh

You need to give an option {system_dir, Dir} which is
a readable  dir


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