ejabberd 1.0.0 released: 'the XMPP compliancy release'

Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Wed Dec 14 22:30:51 CET 2005


The ejabberd team is pleased to announce the release of ejabberd 1.0.0.
ejabberd celebrated last November its 3th birthday which marks even more
this release as an important milestone.

ejabberd is an instant messaging server, implementing the Jabber/XMPP
(eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) protocol. ejabberd is
developed in Erlang.

Unique in this release is the compliancy with the XMPP standard.
ejabberd is the first Open Source Jabber server claiming to fully comply
to the XMPP standard (XMPP Core and XMPP IM).
Spread the words !

Unique features in ejabberd are:
* Clustering.
* HTTP Polling.
* XMPP compliant.
* Modular architecture.
* Translated in 11 languages.
* Publish-Subscribe component.
* Statistics via Statistics Gathering (JEP-0039).

See http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ejabberd/ for more details.

The download page can be reached at:

Have fun and do not forget to celebrate this important ejabberd milestone!

Specific details for this major release:
			    Release Notes
			    ejabberd 1.0.0
			    14 December 2005

   This document describes the main changes in ejabberd 1.0.0. Unique in
   this version is the compliancy with the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging
   and Presence Protocol) standard. ejabberd is the first Open Source
   Jabber server claiming to fully comply to the XMPP standard.

   ejabberd can be downloaded from the Process-one website:

   Detailed information can be found in the ejabberd Feature Sheet and
   User Guide which are available on the Process-one website:

   Recent changes include:

Server-to-server Encryption for Enhanced Security

  - Support for STARTTLS and SASL EXTERNAL to secure server-to-server
    traffic has been added.
  - Also, STARTTLS and Dialback has been implemented for
    server-to-server (s2s) connections. Detailed information about these
    new features can be found on:
  - commonName and dNSName fields matching were introduced to ease the
    process of retrieving certificates.
  - Different certificates can be defined for each virtual host.

ODBC Support

  - ODBC support has been improved to allow production use of ejabberd
    with relational databases.
  - Support for vCard storage in ODBC has been added.
  - ejd2odbc.erl is a tool to convert an installation from Erlang's
    database Mnesia to an ODBC compatible relational database.

Native PostgreSQL Support

  - Native PostgreSQL support gives you a better performance when you
    use PostgreSQL.

Shared Roster groups

  - Shared Roster groups support has been enhanced. New is the ability
    to add all registered users to everyone's roster. Detailed
    information about this new feature can be found on

Web Interface

   - The web interface internal code has been modified for better
     integration and compliancy with J-EAI, an ejabberd-based Enterprise
     Application Integration platform.
   - More XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliancy work was done.


   - A transport workaround can be enabled during compilation. To do
     this, you can pass the "--enable-roster-gateway-workaround" option
     to the configure script.
       (./configure --enable-roster-gateway-workaround)
     This option allows transports to add items with subscription "to"
     in the roster by sending <presence type='subscribed'/> stanza to
     user. This option is only needed for JIT ICQ transport.
     Warning: by enabling this option, ejabberd will not be fully XMPP
     compliant anymore.

Documentation and Internationalization

   - Documentation has been extended to cover more topics.
   - Translations have been updated.


   - This release contains several bugfixes.
   - Among other bugfixes include improvements to the client-to-server
     (c2s) connection management module.
   - Please refer to the ChangeLog file supplied
     with this release regarding all improvements in ejabberd.

   Installation Notes

Supported Erlang Version

   - You need at least Erlang/OTP R9C to run ejabberd 1.0.0.


   Installers are provided for Microsoft Windows and Linux/x86.
   Note: The Windows installer will be released on december 18, 2005.
   Installers can be retrieved from:

Migration Notes

   - Before any migration, ejabberd system and database must be properly
     backed up.
   - When upgrading an ODBC-based installation, you will need to change
     the relational database schema. The following SQL commands must be
     run on the database:
       CREATE SEQUENCE spool_seq_seq;
       ALTER TABLE spool ADD COLUMN seq integer;
       UPDATE spool SET seq = DEFAULT;


   Contributed tutorials of interest are:
   - Migration from Jabberd1.4 to ejabberd:
   - Migration from Jabberd2 to ejabberd:
   - Transport configuration for connecting to other networks:

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