Addendum [Re: 10.b.9 packages for Debian & Ubuntu]

François-Denis Gonthier neumann@REDACTED
Thu Dec 15 07:54:32 CET 2005

On 14 December 2005 18:17, François-Denis Gonthier wrote:

I've uploaded the debs for erlang-doc-html and erlang-manpages of Erlang 
10.b.9 in the usual place.

They are up for grab to anyone interested.  There are, of course, Ubuntu 
packages too.

> Hello all
> I think I'm getting good at this.  I've updated the Erlang .deb packages to
> 10.b.9-1 just today.  I should probably thank the OTP that all but one of
> their changes went through the automated upgrade fine.
> The packages are at their usual place:
>  for Debian/Sid (& Etch)
> and
> erlang-manpages and erlang-doc-html will Soon Follow (tm).
> F-D
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